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declare @T table
      ID int,
      Column1 char(1), 
      Column2 char(1), 
      Column3 char(1),
      Column4 char(1),
      Column5 char(1)
    insert into @T values
    (1,   'A',        'C',       'D',        'A',      'B'),
    (2,   'A',        'D',       'A',        'B',      'A'),
    (3,   'B',        'K',       'Q',        'C',      'Q'),
    (4,   'A',        'K',       'E',        'E',      'B'),
    (5,   'F',        'K',       'F',        'F',      'S')
    ;with C as
      select ID, Col, Val
      from (
             select ID, Column1, Column2, Column3, Column4, Column5
             from @T
           ) as P
      unpivot (Val for Col in (Column1, Column2, Column3, Column4, Column5)) as U   
    select Col, Val, count(*) as ValCount
    from C
    group by Col, Val
    order by Col

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