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Q&A for people looking to bypass life's everyday problems with simple tricks

select g.*,Users.Id as userId, Users.Reputation, Users.UpVotes as UserUpvotes, Users.DownVotes as UserDownvotes
from Users join 
(select Posts.Id,Posts.AcceptedAnswerId,Posts.ParentId as ParentQqestID,Posts.Score as qScore,Posts.ViewCount as qViewCount,
Posts.OwnerUserId as qAsker,Posts.Body as qBody,Posts.Title as qTitle, Posts.tags as qTags,  
Posts.CommentCount as qCommentCount, Posts.CreationDate as qCreationDate, Posts.LastEditDate as qLastEditDate, Posts.DeletionDate as qDeletionDate,
p.Id as answerId,p.Score as answerScore,p.ViewCount as answerViewCount,
p.OwnerUserId as answerer,p.Body as answerBody,  
p.CommentCount as answerCommentCount, p.CreationDate as AnsweringDate, p.LastActivityDate
from Posts join Posts as p on Posts.Id = p.ParentId where Posts.Id between 1 and 100)
as g on Users.Id = g.answerer order by Id

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