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Q&A for people looking to bypass life's everyday problems with simple tricks

--select top 15 id, Score, FavoriteCount,AcceptedAnswerId as votes,
--Commentcount as answers, ViewCount as views, Title 
--from Posts
--order by Score DESC;

--select top 15 * from Posts order by score desc;

--select * from Comments
--where datediff(day, CreationDate, '10/18/2013') = 0;

select distinct UserDisplayName, UserId from Comments
where UserDisplayName <> NULL OR UserDisplayName <> ''
order by UserDisplayName

--select distinct UserDisplayName, UserId from Comments
--where UserDisplayName <> NULL OR UserDisplayName <> '' AND UserId > 0
--order by UserDisplayName;

--select distinct UserId, UserDisplayName from Comments
--where UserId IS NULL AND UserDisplayName = NULL OR UserDisplayName = '';

--select Id, DisplayName, Location from Users
--where Location = 'NY' OR Location LIKE '%New York%';

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