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How long between a question is asked, and the answer arrives....


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-- measure from the answer time, not the question time.
-- this implies certain things, more to follow.

declare @history as int = - ##Weeks:int?60##
declare @zombie as int = ##Zombie:int?30##

with QandA as (
    select p.Id,
           p.CreationDate as QDate,
           min(a.CreationDate) as ADate
    from Posts p,
         Posts a
    where p.Id = a.ParentId
      and p.PostTypeId = 1
      and a.PostTypeId = 2
      and a.ClosedDate is null
      and p.closedDate is null
      and a.CreationDate >= convert(Date, DateAdd(week, @history, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP))
    group by p.Id, p.CreationDate
), AnswerDelays as (

                   CONVERT(DATE,ADate)) as WeekEnd,
           DateDiff(minute, QDate, ADate) as Delay
           -- convert (Decimal(8,2),        / Convert(float, 60)) as Delay
    from QandA
select WeekEnd as WeekEnd,
       Avg(Delay) as AnswerDelay,
       Stdev(Delay) as StdDev
from AnswerDelays
where Delay < (@zombie * 1440)
group by WeekEnd 

--select count (*) from QandA

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