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Literature Meta

Q&A about the site for scholars and enthusiasts of literature

/*select TOP 1 u.DisplayName, u.Reputation, count(b.Id) as BadgeCount from Users u
join Badges b ON u.AccountId = b.UserId
 where Location like '%South Africa'
 and year(b.Date) = 2016
 and b.name = 'Enlightened'
 group by u.DisplayName, u.Reputation
 order by u.Reputation desc*/
 /*select TOP 1 Reputation, DisplayName, AccountId into #A1
 from Users where AccountId in 
 (select UserId from Badges where year(date) = 2016 and Name = 'Enlightened')
 and Location like '%South Africa'
 order by Reputation Desc
 select a.Reputation, a.DisplayName, count(b.Id) from #A1 a
 join Badges b
 ON a.AccountId = b.UserId
 and year(b.date) = 2016
 and b.Name = 'Enlightened'
 group by a.DisplayName, a.Reputation*/

select Distinct COUNT(Id) from Users

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