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How to use it: 1. Run with default maxID 2. Download the CSV 3. Scroll to the bottom and copy the bottommost leftmost number (smallest answer ID returned) into maxID 4. Run again 5. Repeat 2-4 until you get less than 50000 results, and merge all CSV files downloaded

Literature Meta

Q&A about the site for scholars and enthusiasts of literature

with CodeGolfQs as (
    select distinct Id
    from Posts
    where PostTypeId = 1
        and CommunityOwnedDate is null
        and DeletionDate is null
        and Tags like '%<code-golf>%'
        and Tags not like '%<tips>%'
        and Body not like '%bonus%'
        and Body not like '%Bonus%'

select p.Id,
from Posts p
inner join CodeGolfQs q
on p.ParentId = q.Id
where p.PostTypeId = 2
    and p.CommunityOwnedDate is null
    and p.DeletionDate is null
    and p.OwnerUserId is not null
    and p.Body not like '%bonus%'
    and (
        p.Body like '<h_>%'
        or p.Body like '<p><strong>%'

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