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Martial Arts

Q&A for students and teachers of all martial arts

declare @YearStart DATETIME = '2023-01-01'
declare @Year INT = YEAR(@YearStart)

select DATEPART(q, v.creationdate) AS "Quarter", 
AVG(cast(a.score AS decimal)) AS "Average Score", 
MIN(a.score) AS "Min Score", 
MAX(a.score) AS "Max Score",
COUNT(*) AS "Score Count" 
from posts q 
join posts a on q.acceptedanswerid = a.id --- join q's with a's
join votes v on a.id = v.postid
where q.posttypeid=1 --- questions
and q.AcceptedAnswerId IS NOT NULL
and v.votetypeid=1 --- accepted by originator
and YEAR(v.creationdate)=@Year -- in 2023
group by DATEPART(q, v.creationdate) 
order by DATEPART(q, v.creationdate)

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