How can I sort answers that comprise at least 1 picture by votes?


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select top 1000 as [Post Link]
     , a.creationdate
     , a.score
     , len(text)-len(replace(text,' ','')) [~ word count]
from posts a
inner join posts q on = a.parentid
inner join (
select postid, 
from posthistory phi
where id = (select max(id) 
            from posthistory ph
            where ph.postid = phi.postid
            and ph.posthistorytypeid in (2,5,8))
) md on md.postid =
where a.posttypeid = 2 -- answers
and (
  md.text like '%![[]%][[]%]%' 
  --md.text like '%![%](%)%' or 
  --md.text like '%<img src="%"%'
order by 4 desc

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