Percentage of Closed Questions by Tag


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Get the percentage of closed questions for each tag, excluding duplicates. You can set the minimum tag popularity with a parameter.


Q&A for people studying math at any level and professionals in related fields

-- Bugs:
-- Questions count as closed even after they are reopened.
--    (The query just checks ClosedDate.)
-- Questions that are closed more than once inflate the closed count.
--    [james-bond] on scifi.SE shows up as 150% closed because of this.

-- MinTotal: Min question count
DECLARE @min_total INT = ##MinTotal:INT?1##;
-- MaxTotal: Max question count "0 to disable"
DECLARE @max_total INT = ##MaxTotal:INT?10##;

      Count(TagName) as Closed,
      t.Count as Total,
      ROUND(100.*Count(TagName)/t.Count,3) as [% Closed]
      FROM Posts p
      INNER JOIN PostTags pt ON p.Id = pt.PostId
      INNER JOIN Tags t ON pt.TagId = t.Id
      INNER JOIN PostHistory h ON p.Id = h.PostId
        p.PostTypeId = 1                  -- match questions
        AND p.ClosedDate IS NOT NULL      -- that have been closed at some point
        AND h.PostHistoryTypeId = 10      -- and have a history entry
        AND h.Comment NOT IN ('1', '101') -- that doesn't say it's a duplicate
      GROUP BY TagName, t.Count
  ) a
WHERE a.Total >= @min_total
      AND (a.Total <= @max_total OR @max_total < 1)
    [% Closed] desc, TagName

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