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Identify all my edits, even if they didn't have to go through review. If they went through review they'll only show up if they got accepted. The list will not include rollbacks, just real edits. The result includes post type (Q/A), OP, post title and edit comment. There is a link to the post and a link to the diff in its revision history. See for context and a place to post comments.


Q&A for people studying math at any level and professionals in related fields

  ht.Name as Edit,
  h.CreationDate as Date,
  pt.Name as Type,
  op.DisplayName as [Original Poster],
  h.PostId as [Post Link],
  concat('site://posts/', h.PostId, '/revisions#rev-arrow-',
         lower(h.RevisionGUID), '|', h.Comment) as Revisions
from PostHistory h
  join PostHistoryTypes ht on h.PostHistoryTypeId = ht.Id
  join Posts p on h.PostId = p.Id
  join PostTypes pt on p.PostTypeId = pt.Id
  left join Users op on p.OwnerUserId = op.Id
where ht.Id between 4 and 6
  and h.UserId = ##UserId##
order by h.CreationDate desc

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