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Identify edits which add $…$ to a post which didn't contain them before. The assumption is that many of these edits will be adding TeX-style math formatting (for the sites which support this). The JSON links can be used to get a look at the data representation one can get from the API. Crawling them will exhaust API quotas quickly, and in terms of performance it would be better to fetch them in bunches of 20 per request.


Q&A for people studying math at any level and professionals in related fields

-- Site: Name of site (domain or abbreviated) "used for JSON API links"
-- see!*L1-8Dpi4jedaam(
declare @site varchar = ##Site:string?math##

declare @begin datetime = dateadd(day, -14, sysdatetime())

  B.CreationDate as Date,
  concat('site://posts/', B.PostId, '/revisions#rev-arrow-',
         lower(B.RevisionGUID), '|', B.Comment) as Revision,
  -- see!)Q.zgYBzk8thF*IUUYCw8H*j&site=math
         B.RevisionGUID, '?site=math&filter=%21%29Q.zgYBzk8thF%2AIUUYCw8H%2Aj',
         '|JSON') as API
from PostHistory A, PostHistory B,
 (select max(A.Id) as a, B.Id as b
  from PostHistory A, PostHistory B
  where A.PostId = B.PostId
    and A.Id < B.Id
    and A.CreationDate > @begin
    and B.CreationDate > @begin
    and A.PostHistoryTypeId in (2, 5, 8)
    and B.PostHistoryTypeId = 5
  group by B.Id) E
where A.Id = E.a
  and B.Id = E.b
  and A.Text not like '%$%'
  and B.Text like '%$%$%'
order by B.CreationDate desc

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