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Q&A for people studying math at any level and professionals in related fields

    question.Id, question.Body, question.PostTypeId, question.AcceptedAnswerId,
    question.ParentId, question.CreationDate, question.DeletionDate,
    question.Score, question.ViewCount, question.OwnerUserId,
    question.OwnerDisplayName, question.LastEditorUserId, question.LastEditorDisplayName,
    question.LastEditDate, question.LastActivityDate, question.Title, question.Tags,
    question.AnswerCount, question.CommentCount, question.FavoriteCount,
    question.ClosedDate, question.CommunityOwnedDate,
    usr.Id, usr.Reputation, usr.CreationDate, usr.DisplayName,
    usr.LastAccessDate, usr.WebsiteUrl, usr.Location, usr.AboutMe,
    usr.Views, usr.UpVotes, usr.DownVotes, usr.AccountId,
    (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Posts as anwser
        WHERE anwser.PostTypeId = 2 /* 2 = Answer */
        AND anwser.ParentId = question.Id /* Linking anwser to question */
        AND anwser.OwnerUserId <> question.OwnerUserId /* answers not given by question owner */
    ) AS DiscussionCount
FROM Posts question
    INNER JOIN Users usr ON question.OwnerUserId = usr.Id
    question.Body LIKE '%cloud%'
    AND question.Body LIKE '%migrat%'

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