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Created by samliew (


Q&A for users of Mathematica


    Users.Id as [User Link]
    , Users.DisplayName
    , COUNT (atags.Id) AS Number_of_Tag_Badges,
    atags.TagName AS Departments

    tags atags
    --INNER JOIN Tags ON Tags.TagName = Badges.Name
    --INNER JOIN Users ON Users.Id = atags.UserId
    --INNER JOIN Users ON Users.Id = p.owneruserid
	inner join posttags pt on pt.tagid =
	inner join posts p on pt.postid in (, p.parentid)
	INNER JOIN Users ON Users.Id = p.owneruserid
WHERE LOWER(Users.Location) LIKE 'malaysia'
GROUP BY atags.TagName, Users.DisplayName, Users.Id
ORDER BY Number_of_Tag_Badges DESC

--// could PostTags

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