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Q&A for professional mathematicians

'site://q/' + CAST(q.Id AS NVARCHAR) + '/4918|' + q.Title AS "Post Link", 
q.Tags AS Tags, q.CreationDate AS QDate,
'site://users/' + CAST(qu.Id AS NVARCHAR) + '|' + qu.DisplayName AS QUser, 
n.CreationDate AS BDate,
'site://users/' + CAST(nu.Id AS NVARCHAR) + '|' + nu.DisplayName AS BUser, 
n.PostNoticeTypeId AS BType,
n.Body AS BText,
n.Id AS BId
FROM PostNotices AS n
JOIN PostNoticeTypes AS nt ON n.PostNoticeTypeId = nt.Id
LEFT JOIN Posts AS q ON n.PostId = q.Id
LEFT JOIN Users AS qu ON q.OwnerUserId = qu.Id 
LEFT JOIN Users AS nu ON n.OwnerUserId = nu.Id 
WHERE 2 = ClassId
ORDER BY n.CreationDate DESC;

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