Posts that could be marked as 'not an answer' to help get the Marshal badge


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targeting answers from users with not a lot of rep. I hate the use of `body like`, so please feel free to edit this. It was just quick n dirty! The Marshal badge is: "Achieved a flag weight of 749 by reviewing and flagging appropriately :

Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Q&A for mechanics and DIY enthusiast owners of cars, trucks, and motorcycles

select top 100 p.Id AS [Post Link], p.body
from posts as p
inner join [users] as u on = p.owneruserid
where posttypeid = 2
and (body like '%how can%' or
     body like '%same problem%' or
     body like '%thank%' or
     body like '%please%' or
     body like '%plz%' or
     body like '%pls%')
and u.reputation < 100
and p.score < 1
order by

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