Questions ripe for deletion: Unanswered, downvoted, and closed questions


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Want to exercise your democratic 10k rights? Can't find questions to delete? Want to give that barrel a good ol' bottom-scraping? Behold, the worst questions ever. Sorted by score and how long they've been closed.

Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Q&A for mechanics and DIY enthusiast owners of cars, trucks, and motorcycles

SELECT q.Id               AS [Post Link],
       CASE WHEN
         q.AnswerCount = 0 THEN NULL -- don't show 0 if there are no answers to highlight questions that do have answers
         ELSE q.AnswerCount
       END                AS Answers,
       CASE WHEN
         q.CommunityOwnedDate IS NOT NULL THEN 'Yes'
         ELSE NULL
       END                AS Wiki,
       q.ClosedDate       AS Closed,
       q.LastActivityDate AS [Last Active],
       q.OwnerUserId      AS [User Link]
FROM   Posts q
WHERE  q.PostTypeId = 1               -- get questions
       AND q.ClosedDate IS NULL       -- that are NOT already closed
       AND q.AcceptedAnswerId IS NULL -- and do not have an accepted answer
       AND (q.AnswerCount IS NULL     -- and do not have any upvoted answers
            OR q.AnswerCount = 0      -- strangely enough, AnswerCount can be either 0 or NULL
            OR NOT EXISTS (           -- there is probably a better way of doing this but whatever
              SELECT Id
              FROM   Posts a
              WHERE  a.PostTypeId = 2
                     AND a.ParentId = q.Id
                     AND a.Score > 0)
ORDER  BY q.Score ASC,
          q.ClosedDate ASC

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