how can I list questions which has (one or more answers) or marked as duplicate?


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select top 500 as [Post Link], as [Post ID], as [User ID],us.displayname as [User Name],p.title as [Question Titles],
p.body as [Question Body], p.AnswerCount as [Total Answers], as [Answer ID],
a.body as [Answers], a.ownerdisplayname as [Author Name], a.LastEditorUserId as [Author ID]
from posts p
inner join posthistory ph 
   on ph.postid =
inner join Posts a
   on p.Id = a.ParentId
inner join users us
   on p.OwnerUserId =
inner join Comments cm
   on cm.postid =
where (
p.closeddate is not null
and p.AcceptedAnswerId is not null
and p.posttypeid = 1 -- Q
and ph.posthistorytypeid  = 10 -- closed
and ph.comment in (1, 101)) -- dupe
and (p.answercount > 5)
---OR ((p.posttypeid=1) and (p.answercount > 0))
order by p.Id asc

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