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-- get posts from recently active users where the user votes,
-- and the question has no accepted answers, and there is only
-- one answer, and that answer is not highly voted.

    p.Score as Score,
    p.OwnerUserId as [User Link],
    DateDiff(Day, p.CreationDate, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) as [Age(days)],
    --DateDiff(Day, u.lastAccessDate, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) as [Seen(days)] as [Tags], as [Post Link]
from Posts p, Users u, Posts a
where p.OwnerUserId = u.Id
  and p.PostTypeId = 1
  and p.ClosedDate is null
  and p.Score >= ##MinimumQuestionScore:int?2##
  and p.AnswerCount = 1
  and p.AcceptedAnswerId is null
  and = a.ParentId
  and a.Score <= ##MaximumAnswerScore:int?5##
  and u.UpVotes > ##MinimumUserVotes:int?5##
  and u.lastAccessDate > DateAdd(DAY, -##UserSeenDays:int?14##, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP)

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