Posts which are not closed and have low number of reopen reviews


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SELECT TOP(##num?100##)
rt.PostId AS [Post Link],
timeline = 'site://posts/' + CAST(rt.PostId AS varchar)+'/timeline'
FROM ReviewTasks rt INNER JOIN Posts p ON p.Id=rt.PostId
WHERE (rt.ReviewTaskTypeId=##type?6##) AND (p.ClosedDate IS NULL)
GROUP BY rt.PostId
ORDER BY Count(rt.Id) ASC
----ReviewTaskTypeId (listed in ReviewTaskTypes)
----1 = Suggested Edit
----2 = Close Votes
----3 = Low Quality Posts
----4 = First Post
----5 = Late Answer
----6 = Reopen Vote
----7 = Community Evaluation
----8 = Link Validation
----9 = Flagged Posts
----10 = Triage
----11 = Helper

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