Generalist Progression (see all top 40 tags)


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So I know what needs to be done Like the original query, but displays all top 40 tags.

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-- Generalist Progression
-- So I know what needs to be done

declare @temp table (id int identity(1,1), TagName char(128), score int);

with tags40 as (
  select top 40 tagid from posttags group by tagid order by count(*) desc

answers as (
  select score, id, parentId from posts  -- find responses of questions
  where communityowneddate is null   -- which are non-comm-wiki
  and posttypeid = 2                 -- answers
  and owneruserid = ##UserId##       -- by you

insert @temp(TagName, score) 
select t.TagName, sum(a.score) as score 
from answers a
inner join posttags pt on pt.postid = a.parentId -- find tags of your answers
right join tags40 f on f.tagid = pt.tagid        -- which are one of the top 40s
inner join tags t on f.tagid =
group by t.tagname
order by score desc

select *, case when score >= 15 then '' else '!' end from @temp

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