/* top 50 users by rep network-wide and their top post in...


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  top 50 users by rep network-wide
  and their top post including bounties
  and the site with the highest number of gold badges
  inspired by rene
  this is not simple
  but the point is not "hey, look how easy this is"
  it's "how hard would this be without these new views/procedures?"

  first, the TOP 50 users, and their list of sites,
  and the site with the highest rep (which is where
  we'll grab their displayname from) 

;WITH agg AS
  SELECT TOP (50) 
         total_reputation   = SUM(reputation),
         total_sites        = COUNT(*),
         total_questions    = SUM(question_count),
         total_answers      = SUM(answer_count),
         max_reputation     = MAX(reputation),
         site_list_json     = '[' 
                              + STRING_AGG
                                  ( '":"',
                                    CONCAT('"', site_id), 
                                    CONCAT(reputation, '"')
                                  ), ','
                                ) WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY reputation DESC)
                              + ']'
    FROM dbo.sede_users
   GROUP BY account_id
   ORDER BY total_reputation DESC
SELECT * INTO #top50 FROM agg;

SELECT * FROM #top50
--CROSS APPLY OPENJSON(site_list_json);

/*SELECT agg.account_id, 
    INTO #top50

FROM agg 
  INNER JOIN dbo.sede_users AS u
  ON agg.max_reputation = u.reputation;

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