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Audio-Video Production Meta

Q&A about the site for engineers, producers, editors, and enthusiasts spanning the fields of video, and media creation

V.UserId as Voter,
P.OwnerUserId as Answerer,
P2.Tags as tags, P.CreationDate as date
FROM Posts P
full join SuggestedEditVotes as V
on V.Id = P.Id
full join Posts as P2
on P2.Id = P.ParentId 
full join Users as U
on U.Id = P.OwnerUserId 
full join Users as U2
on U2.Id = UserId
P.PostTypeID = 2 AND P.OwnerUserId is not null
AND V.UserId is not null AND V.UserId <> -1
AND P.CreationDate  >= '2016-06-01' 
AND P.CreationDate <= '2016-12-01'
AND P2.Tags LIKE '%<python>%'
AND P2.AnswerCount >= 3

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