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Audio-Video Production Meta

Q&A about the site for engineers, producers, editors, and enthusiasts spanning the fields of video, and media creation

select top 500 Id, CreationDate, Score, Title, Tags,
  datediff(minute, question.creationDate, firstAnswerDate)
) as answerDiff
from (
  select *,
    select min(answer.CreationDate) from Posts answer
      answer.PostTypeId = 2
      and answer.DeletionDate is null
      and answer.parentId =
  ) as FirstAnswerDate
  from Posts question2
    question2.PostTypeId = 1
) question
  question.Score > 10
  and datediff(minute, question.creationDate, firstAnswerDate) > 0
  and question.FirstAnswerDate is not null
order by answerDiff asc;

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