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Audio-Video Production Meta

Q&A about the site for engineers, producers, editors, and enthusiasts spanning the fields of video, and media creation

--DECLARE @tagLinkTable TABLE (TagName nvarchar(35), Link nvarchar(max));

--DECLARE @index int;
--SET @index = 0;

--WHILE (SELECT PATINDEX('%http:%', expression) FROM Tags) > 0

--SELECT t.tagname AS [TagName]
--FROM Tags t
--LEFT JOIN Posts w ON t.WikiPostId = w.Id
--WHERE w.Body LIKE '%http:%'

Declare @Temp Table(Data VarChar(100))

Insert Into @Temp Values('some text 456.09 other text')
Insert Into @Temp Values('even more text 98273.453 la la la')
Insert Into @Temp Values('There are no numbers in this one')

Select Left(
             SubString(Data, PatIndex('%[0-9.-]%', Data), 8000),
             PatIndex('%[^0-9.-]%', SubString(Data, PatIndex('%[0-9.-]%', Data), 8000) + 'X')-1)
From   @Temp

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