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Bicycles Meta

Q&A about the site for people who build and repair bicycles, people who train cycling, or commute on bicycles

with correctanswer as 
  (select owneruserid as id1, acceptedanswerid
    from posts
    where acceptedanswerid is not null)
select rank() over (order by count(distinct(c.postid)) desc) as Rank, ca.id1 as User_ID, count(distinct(c.postid)) as Comment_Total
from correctanswer ca
left join comments c on ca.id1 = c.userid
left join users u on ca.id1 =
left join posts p on ca.acceptedanswerid = p.acceptedanswerid
where datediff(month, current_timestamp, u.creationdate) < -6
and ca.acceptedanswerid is not null
group by ca.id1
having count(distinct(c.postid)) >= 10
order by count(distinct(c.postid)) desc

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