Old unloved questions eligible for auto-deletion


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Questions asked over a year ago with score <= 0, no answers, low views proportional to age, one or less comments

Biology Meta

Q&A about the site for biology researchers, academics, and students

-- Old unloved questions possibly eligible for auto-deletion
-- Questions with a last activity date over a year ago, score <= 0, low views, no comments, no answers

p.Score, p.Id AS [Post Link], p.ViewCount, p.Tags, DATEDIFF(day, p.CreationDate, GETUTCDATE()) as DaysOld
FROM Posts p
p.PostTypeId = 1 AND 
p.Score < 1 AND 
ISNULL(p.AnswerCount,0) = 0 AND
DATEDIFF(day, p.CreationDate, GETUTCDATE()) > 30
ORDER BY p.Score, p.ViewCount

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