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--actions that can only be done by moderators
SELECT TOP(##num?100##)
  ph.UserId AS [User Link],
  ph.PostId AS [Post Link],
          ) [Revisions Link]
FROM PostHistory ph 
WHERE ph.UserId=##userid?1##  
  AND ph.PostHistoryTypeId IN (##list?14,15,16,37,38,53##)
ORDER BY ph.CreationDate DESC

--14 = Post Locked - post locked by moderator
--15 = Post Unlocked - post unlocked by moderator
--16 = Community Owned - post now community owned
--QUESTION can only be made CW by a moderator (so I look only at question; PostTypeId=1)
--37 = Post merge source
--38 = Post merge destination
--53 = Question removed from hot network questions by a moderator

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