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   (count(*) + 0.0) / DATEPART(day, EOMONTH(MIN(Votes.CreationDate))) 
       as 'votes per day'
from Posts
    -- It would be nicer to only do one inner join of PostTags with
    -- an "or" in the "on" condition. However, that takes significantly
    -- longer for some reason. It's strange really: getting this data
    -- for only questions or only answers is super fast, but combining
    -- them... a lot slower.
    left join PostTags qTags
        on qTags.PostId = Posts.Id 
    left join PostTags aTags 
        on aTags.PostId = Posts.ParentId
    inner join Votes on Votes.PostId = Posts.Id
    (VoteTypeId = 2 OR VoteTypeId = 3) AND
    (qTags.TagId = 59148 or aTags.TagId = 59148) AND -- that's 'rust'
    Votes.CreationDate > '2013-01-01'

group by 
    DATEPART(month, Votes.CreationDate), 
    DATEPART(year, Votes.CreationDate)
order by min(Votes.CreationDate)

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