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Christianity Meta

Q&A about the site for committed Christians, experts in Christianity and those interested in learning more

-- tags/scores/users
select tags.tagname, users.age age, 
cast(count(distinct users.id) as float) nusers, 
cast(sum(users.reputation) as float) reputation, 
cast(sum(posts.score) as float) score,
cast(count(distinct posts.id) as float) posts
from users, posts, posttags, tags 
users.age is not null and users.age between 10 and 70
and users.reputation > 1000 
and year(posts.creationdate)=2012
and posts.owneruserid=users.id
and posts.id = posttags.postid
and posttags.tagid=tags.id
--and tags.tagname = 'lisp'
group by tags.tagname, users.age
--having cast(sum(posts.score) as float) > 10.0

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