Unclosed questions with only zero-score answers


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Christianity Meta

Q&A about the site for committed Christians, experts in Christianity and those interested in learning more

-- This query is designed to suggest answers that might deserve upvotes.
-- It lists questions with only zero-score answers.  The top 100 results
-- are returned, sorted mainly by the question score. Closed questions
-- are excluded.

SELECT TOP ##NumberOfQuestions:int?200##
        Questions.Id AS [Post Link],
        Questions.Tags AS [Tags],
        Questions.Score AS Score,
        CONVERT(VARCHAR, Questions.CreationDate, 7) AS [Date Asked],
        COUNT(Answers.Id) AS [# Answers]
    FROM Posts AS Questions
        JOIN Posts AS Answers
            ON Answers.ParentId = Questions.Id
        Questions.AcceptedAnswerId IS NULL AND
        Questions.ClosedDate IS NULL AND
        NOT EXISTS (
            SELECT Id
                FROM Posts AS Answers
                    Answers.ParentId = Questions.Id AND
                    Answers.Score <> 0
    GROUP BY Questions.Id, Questions.Tags, Questions.AcceptedAnswerId, Questions.Score, Questions.ViewCount, Questions.CreationDate
    HAVING COUNT(Answers.Id) > 0
    ORDER BY Questions.Score DESC, COUNT(Questions.AcceptedAnswerId), COUNT(Answers.Id) DESC, Questions.ViewCount DESC, Questions.CreationDate DESC;

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