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Q&A about the site for practitioners, researchers, and students in cognitive science, psychology, neuroscience, and psychiatry

  CASE VoteTypeId
    WHEN 1 THEN 'Accept'
    WHEN 2 THEN 'Upvote'
    WHEN 3 THEN 'DownVote'
    WHEN 4 THEN 'Offensive'
    WHEN 5 THEN 'Bookmark'
    WHEN 6 THEN 'Close'
    WHEN 7 THEN 'Reopen'
    WHEN 8 THEN 'BountyStart'
    WHEN 9 THEN 'BountyClose'
    WHEN 10 THEN 'Deletion'
    WHEN 11 THEN 'Undeletion'
    WHEN 12 THEN 'Spam'
    WHEN 15 THEN 'ModeratorReview'
    WHEN 16 THEN 'ApproveEditSuggestion'
  END AS [Vote Type],
  UserId AS [User Link],
FROM Votes
WHERE PostId=##id?383579##
ORDER BY CreationDate

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