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This is a query to identify edits by a low rep user approved by the owner of the post. This sometimes (rarely) is indicative of growing the rep for a sock puppet. Just something to look at when one sees the same editor / post owner combinations several times in a row.

Cognitive Sciences Meta

Q&A about the site for practitioners, researchers, and students in cognitive science, psychology, neuroscience, and psychiatry

  seu.displayName as suggested,
  seu.reputation as rep,
  po.displayName as owner,
  po.reputation as rep,
  se.id as [Suggested Edit Link],
  'site://posts/' + CAST(p.Id AS nvarchar) + '/revisions|' + 
  'Revision History for Post ' +  CAST(p.Id AS nvarchar) AS [Revision Link]
  suggestedEdits se
  join users seu on (se.OwnerUserId = seu.id)
  join posts p on (se.PostId = p.id)
  join users po on (p.OwnerUserId = po.id)
  join suggestedEditVotes sev on (se.id = sev.SuggestedEditId)
  se.approvalDate is not null
  and seu.reputation <= ##Rep:int?250##
  and sev.UserID = p.OwnerUserId
  and se.CreationDate >=
    CONVERT (datetime, ##StartDate:string?2013.08.01## , 102)
  and se.CreationDate <=
    CONVERT (datetime, ##EndDate:string?2013.08.31## , 102)
order by

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