Herbert vs. egreg


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An epic battle, copied from Query #1596.

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with fights as (
  select HerbertsAnswer.ParentId as Question,
   HerbertsAnswer.Score as HerbertsScore,
   egregsAnswer.Score as egregsScore
  from Posts as HerbertsAnswer
  inner join Posts as egregsAnswer
   on egregsAnswer.OwnerUserId = 4427 and HerbertsAnswer.ParentId = egregsAnswer.ParentId
  where HerbertsAnswer.ownerUserId = 2478 and HerbertsAnswer.postTypeId = 2

   when HerbertsScore > egregsScore then 'Herbert wins'
   when HerbertsScore < egregsScore then 'egreg wins'
   else 'Tie'
  end as 'Winner',
  Question as [Post Link],
  HerbertsScore as "Herbert's score",
  egregsScore as "egreg's score"
from fights;

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