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Signal Processing Meta

Q&A about the site for practitioners of the art and science of signal, image and video processing

with old_query as (
  s.PostId AS [Post Link],
  v.UserId AS [Voter Id],
  case when s.ApprovalDate is not null then 'Approved' else 'Rejected' end as Approved,
  case when s.ApprovalDate is not null then s.ApprovalDate else s.RejectionDate end as ApprovalOrRejectionDate,
  case when v.UserId = -1 then 'Improved' else '' end as Improved -- voted on by Community?
  SuggestedEdits s, SuggestedEditVotes v
  s.Id = v.SuggestedEditId
  and s.OwnerUserId is null -- anonymous
  and (s.ApprovalDate is not null or s.RejectionDate is not null) -- not pending
  and s.CreationDate BETWEEN ##startDate:string## AND ##endDate:string##

select cast(count(*) as float)/(select count(*) from old_query) from old_query where Approved != 'Approved'

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