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Signal Processing Meta

Q&A about the site for practitioners of the art and science of signal, image and video processing

declare @tagids as table(id int);
insert into @tagids(id) select id from tags where (tagname like '##tag##');

select top 100
questions.Id as [Post Link],
questions.CreationDate as Created, LastActivityDate as Active, datediff(day, questions.CreationDate, LastActivityDate) as age, Score, ViewCount as Views, Tags, CommentCount as Comments, FavoriteCount as Favorites, DisplayName as Username, users.CreationDate as "User since", Reputation
from posts questions
join posttags on (questions.id = posttags.postid)
join users on (questions.owneruserid = users.id)
where (posttags.tagid in (select id from @tagids))
and questions.posttypeid = 1  -- questions only
and questions.answercount = 0
and questions.lastactivitydate <= ##beforedate##
order by questions.lastactivitydate desc

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