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Physical Fitness Meta

Q&A about the site for physical fitness professionals, athletes, trainers, and those providing health-related needs

select count(*) N, ot.MarkdownMini reason 
from CloseAsOffTopicReasonTypes ot
     join PendingFlags f on CloseAsOffTopicReasonTypeId = ot.Id
     join Posts p on f.PostId = p.Id
     join PostHistory ph on p.Id = ph.PostId
     inner join CloseReasonTypes cr on ph.Comment = cr.Id
where PostHistoryTypeId = 10
      and f.Id = (select max(f2.Id) 
                  from PendingFlags f2 
                  where f2.PostId = p.Id and FlagTypeId = 14)
      and cr.Name = 'off-topic'
--      and p.CreationDate between '2013-10-09' and '2013-10-10'
--      and ph.CreationDate between '2013-12-09' and '2013-12-10'
group by ot.MarkdownMini
order by count(*) desc;

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