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"Answers" that are likely questions Modification of:

Physical Fitness Meta

Q&A about the site for physical fitness professionals, athletes, trainers, and those providing health-related needs

-- Questions as answers
-- "Answers" that are likely questions
-- Modification of:

SELECT A.Id AS [Post Link], U.Id AS [User Link]
FROM Posts AS Q, Posts AS A, Users AS U
WHERE A.ParentId = Q.Id
AND A.OwnerUserId = U.Id
AND A.Score <= 0
--AND A.Body LIKE '%?%'
AND A.Body LIKE '%please help%'
AND U.Reputation <= 250
AND datediff(month, Q.CreationDate, A.CreationDate) > 3
AND (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Posts WHERE Posts.ParentId = Q.Id) >= 1;

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