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Gardening and Landscaping Meta

Q&A about the site for gardeners and landscapers

  'site://review/' + 
  CASE ReviewTaskTypes.Id
    WHEN 1 THEN 'suggested-edits'
    WHEN 2 THEN 'close'
    WHEN 3 THEN 'low-quality-posts'
    WHEN 4 THEN 'first-posts'
    WHEN 5 THEN 'late-answers'
    WHEN 6 THEN 'reopen'
  END + '/' +
  CAST(ReviewTasks.Id AS nvarchar) +
  '| ' AS ReviewLinks,
  ReviewTasks.CreationDate AS VotesDate
  FROM   ReviewTaskTypes,ReviewTasks
SELECT * FROM ReviewTaskResults WHERE Comment is not null

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