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Gardening and Landscaping Meta

Q&A about the site for gardeners and landscapers

declare @limit int = ##Limit##;
declare @days int = ##Days##;

create table #windowstags (
tagid int,
tagname varchar(30) )

create table #displaynames (
displayname nvarchar(40) )

insert into #displaynames 
values('Chris Bowen - MSFT'),
('Joe Healy'),
('Jared Bienz - MSFT'),
('Jeff Brand - MSFT'),
('Jennifer Marsman - MSFT'),
('Jeremy Foster'),
('Jerry Nixon - MSFT'),
('Jim O''Neil'),
('JP Alioto');

insert into #windowstags (tagid, tagname)
select id, tagname 
from tags 
where tagname  
in ('windows-8', 'microsoft-metro', 'metro-style-app', 'windows-store-apps')

select top (@limit)
rank() over (order by sum(answers.score)) "Rank"
  ,'' + CAST( as varchar(25)) as "User Link"
  ,sum(answers.score) as "Score"
  ,count( as "Answer Count"
  ,sum(answers.viewcount) as "View Count"
  ,count( as "Comment Count"
from #displaynames
join users on ( users.displayname COLLATE DATABASE_DEFAULT
=  #displaynames.displayname COLLATE DATABASE_DEFAULT)
join posts answers on ( = answers.owneruserid)
left join comments on ( = comments.postid)

where(answers.posttypeid = 2  -- answers only
and answers.creationdate BETWEEN dateadd(day, -@days, getdate()) AND getdate())
group by, #displaynames.displayname
order by sum(answers.score) desc

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