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Gardening and Landscaping Meta

Q&A about the site for gardeners and landscapers

CREATE TABLE #Students (
StudentId int,
FirstName varchar(20),
LastName Varchar(20),
Email Varchar(20),
Gender Char(1),
PNo int constraint mob_uq unique,
Address Varchar(30),
BranchId int,
constraint uq_Add unique(Address)

insert into #Students values (101,'Deeps','Gurr','','F',232323,'Peets street',501);
insert into #Students values (102,'Anu','Mer','','F',546789,'Hello street',501);
insert into #Students values (103,'Apps','Gurr','','F',546343,'Velo street',502);
insert into #Students values (104,'Sur','Gur','','F',762323,'Indiana street',501);

begin transaction
delete #Students where StudentId = 104;
select * from #Students;
print @@trancount;


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