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Accurate for all up/down votes, including rep cap and even accepting answers to your own questions

Gardening and Landscaping Meta

Q&A about the site for gardeners and landscapers

  acceptScore + case when upVoteScore > 200 then 200 else upVoteScore end + downVoteScore score
from (
  cast(v.CreationDate as Date) as date,
    when v.VoteTypeId = 1 and q.posttypeid is null and p.posttypeid = 2 then 15
    when v.VoteTypeId = 1 and q.posttypeid = 1 then 2
    else 0 end) as acceptScore,
    when v.VoteTypeId = 2 and p.PostTypeId = 1 then 5
    when v.VoteTypeId = 2 and p.PostTypeId = 2 then 10
    else 0 end) as upVoteScore,
  sum(case when v.VoteTypeId = 3 then -2 else 0 end) as downVoteScore
from votes v
left join posts p on p.Id = v.PostId 
  and p.posttypeid in (1,2) and p.OwnerUserId = ##UserId##
  and p.CommunityOwnedDate is null
left join posts p2 on p2.posttypeid = 2 and = v.postid
left join posts q on p2.parentid = 
  and p.OwnerUserId = ##UserId## and q.CommunityOwnedDate is null
where v.creationDate between dateadd(d, -21, getdate()) and getdate()
group by cast(v.CreationDate as Date)
) x
order by 1 desc

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