Evolution of review time over time


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Show how long reviews take on average, sorted by review type. The review durations are averaged over a calendar week and shown in minutes. WARNING: this query is probably buggy! http://data.stackexchange.com/cs/query/199807/suggested-edit-weekly-statistics has a more correct-looking query for suggested edits only.

Gardening and Landscaping Meta

Q&A about the site for gardeners and landscapers

  Convert(varchar(10), DateAdd(Day, DateDiff(Day, 0, RT.CreationDate) / 7 * 7, '1900-01-01'), 126) AS [Week from],
  Count(CASE RT.ReviewTaskTypeId WHEN 1 THEN 1 END) AS [#SE],
  Round(Avg(CASE RT.ReviewTaskTypeId WHEN 1 THEN DateDiff(Second, RT.CreationDate, RT.DeletionDate) / 60.0 END), 1) AS [ΔSE]
FROM ReviewTasks RT
GROUP BY DateDiff(Day, 0, RT.CreationDate) / 7
ORDER BY [Week from] ASC

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