How close am I to the sportsmanship badge?


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-- How close am I to the Sportsmanship Badge
-- Posts that allow you to get the sportsmanship badge by voting on them.  This gives you an idea if you can even get this badge.  It is not possible to show your progress toward the badge because the data is cleansed of any upvote information tied to a userId.  This gives you a list of answers you can upvote (if you like them).  If there is not 100 items in this list, you can't get the badge.

WITH CandidatePosts AS (
select ParentId postId
   posts p
   p.OwnerUserId = ##UserId##
  and p.postTypeId = 2
  and p.score > 0
select as [Post Link], p1.ownerUserId as [User Link], body
from posts p1
join CandidatePosts cp on cp.postId = p1.parentId
where p1.ownerUserId <> ##UserId##
and p1.Score = 2
order by p1.Score DESC

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