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List account_id, user_id (Math.SE), and the total number of sites
this user is associated with.

The bonus is given when (
   - a user has 200+ rep at at least one site, and
   - is registered at 2 or more sites

As an approximation, we check if a user's current reputation exceeds 200,
instead of checking if this was ever the case in the past.
with au
  select account_id, user_id from dbo.sede_users
  where site_id = 69
  select t2.account_id, count(site_id) as sites_count from
    inner join 
    (select * from dbo.sede_users) t2
    on au.account_id = t2.account_id
    group by t2.account_id
    having count(site_id) > 1 and max(reputation) > 200
SELECT temp.account_id, au.user_id, temp.sites_count
-- SELECT count(*)
FROM temp
inner join
on au.account_id = temp.account_id
order by temp.account_id ASC

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