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Q&A about the site for professional linguists and others with an interest in linguistic research and theory

  q.title as [Question],
  userid As [User Link], 
  format(q.creationdate,'MMM d, yyyy') As [📅 asked], 
  format(v.creationdate,'MMM d, yyyy') As [📅 user fav'd], 
  format(u.lastaccessdate,'MMM d, yyyy') as [📅 user join],
  u.reputation as [🏆],
  u.location as [🌎  📌],
  u.websiteurl as [🏠  💻] 
FROM votes v 
  left join users u on userid=u.id 
  left join posts q on q.id=v.postid 
  --left join posts a on q.id=a.parentid
WHERE v.votetypeid=5 
  AND q.posttypeid=1
 -- AND ( a.posttypeid=2 OR a.posttypeid is null)
  AND ( q.owneruserid=##UserID:int?22656##
        --OR a.owneruserid=##UserID## 
  AND v.userid<>##UserID##  --d't include self-fav'd q's
  ORDER BY isnull(len(location),0)+isnull(len(websiteurl),0) DESC, REPUTATION

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