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Linguistics Meta

Q&A about the site for professional linguists and others with an interest in linguistic research and theory

  CONVERT(nvarchar(7), Question.CreationDate, 23) AS Month,
  COUNT(Question.Id) AS Questions,
  COUNT(NULLIF(AnswerCount,0)) AS Answers,
  CONCAT(100 * COUNT(NULLIF(AnswerCount,0)) / COUNT(1), '%') as AnswerRate,
  CONCAT(100 * COUNT(AcceptedAnswerId) / COUNT(1), '%') as AcceptedRate,
  SUM(Question.ViewCount) AS Views

FROM Posts as Question

WHERE PostTypeId = 1 -- Question
  AND Question.ClosedDate IS NULL -- Exclude Closed questions
  AND (Question.Tags LIKE '%<aws-media%' OR Question.Tags LIKE '%<aws-elemental%')
  AND Question.CreationDate >= '2019-01-01'
  --AND Question.CreationDate < DATEADD(DAY,1,EOMONTH(GETDATE(),-1))
--and Question.Id = 40575584

GROUP BY CONVERT(nvarchar(7), Question.CreationDate, 23)
ORDER BY CONVERT(nvarchar(7), Question.CreationDate, 23)

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