WHICH TAGS you talk about the most (by wordcount in comments) - multi user prompt, all tags


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(UNFINISHED) so far it's only looking at Tags for questions that you have COMMENTED on (either the question's or answer's comment)

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Q&A about the site for professional linguists and others with an interest in linguistic research and theory

  count(*) as [#Comments],
  sum(len(text)-len(replace(text,' ',''))) as [#Words],
  sum(len(text)) as [CmntLength],
  sum(score) as [cScore]
into #words from comments
where userid in(##UserID##)
group by userid, postid

  case when pt.tagid is null then 'C on A' else 'C on Q' end as [WordSource],
  isnull(pt.postid,a.parentid) as [PostID],
  isnull(pt.tagid,pt2.tagid) as [tagid]
into #comments 
from #words c 
left outer join posttags pt  on c.postid=pt.postid
left outer join posts a      on c.postid=a.id
left outer join posttags pt2 on a.parentid=pt2.postid

  c.UserId as [User Link],
  sum(c.[#Comments]) as [#C omments],
  sum(c.[#Words]) as [# Words in Comments],
  sum(c.[CmntLength]) as [Total Length (Characters)],
  sum([cScore]) as [Comment Upvotes],
  rank() over (partition by c.UserID order by sum(c.[#Words]) desc, c.UserId) as [User TagRank]
from #comments c left outer join tags t on c.tagid=t.id
group by c.UserId, t.TagName
order by sum(c.[#Words]) desc, c.UserId

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