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Linguistics Meta

Q&A about the site for professional linguists and others with an interest in linguistic research and theory

select top 20
  format(q.creationdate,'yyyy-MMM-dd') dt, [Post Link],
  q.viewcount Views,
  q.answercount Answers,
  q.commentcount Comments,
  q.favoritecount CommentFavs,
  -- -(select round(avg(score),1) AvgScore from posts pp where and pp.closeddate is null) AvgAnswerScore,
  avg(a.score) avg_a_score,
from posts q left join posts a on
where q.viewcount>1000000 
  and q.posttypeid=1 and a.posttypeid=2
group by format(q.creationdate,'yyyy-MMM-dd'),,q.viewcount,q.answercount,q.commentcount,q.favoritecount,q.Score,q.tags
order by q.viewcount desc

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