declare @tag_name nvarchar(35) = 'snowflake-datawarehouse';


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Mathematics Meta

Q&A about the site for people studying math at any level and professionals in related fields

-- total answers 
declare @tag_name nvarchar(35) = 'snowflake-datawarehouse';
WITH A(TotalAnswers) as (
    SELECT count(*) as TotalAnswers
    FROM Posts
    WHERE PostTypeId = 2 
    and Posts.CreationDate >= '2019-10-07'),
    --and Tags in ('snowflake-datawarehouse')),

-- answers from support 
B(SupportAnswers) as (
   SELECT count(*) as SupportAnswers
   FROM Posts 
   JOIN Users 
   ON Posts.OwnerUserId = 
   WHERE in 
    ('9842780', '1196458','8339066', '12165756', '12271204', '6745597', '12271851' 
and PostTypeId = 2 
and Posts.CreationDate >= '2019-10-07')
    --and Tags in ('snowflake-datawarehouse'))

-- Percent of Answers coming from Support 
SELECT B.SupportAnswers/A.TotalAnswers as SupportContribution

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