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Returns a list of questions for a given user that have 3 upvotes and are at least 60 days old, meaning the next one or two upvotes on any of the posts will earn the user a Necromancer badge.

Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Meta

Q&A about the site for mechanics and DIY enthusiast owners of cars, trucks, and motorcycles

declare @userId int = ##userId##

    p.ParentId as [Post Link]
   ,datediff(day, parent.CreationDate, p.CreationDate) as [Days after Ask for Answer]
   ,count(*) as voteCount
    Posts p         
    inner join Votes v
        on v.PostId = p.Id
        and v.VoteTypeId = 2
     inner join Posts parent
        on parent.Id = p.ParentId
    p.OwnerUserId = @userId
    and datediff(day, parent.CreationDate, p.CreationDate) >= 60
group by
   ,datediff(day, parent.CreationDate, p.CreationDate)
    count(*) <= 3
order by
    datediff(day, parent.CreationDate, p.CreationDate) desc

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